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IDSNY is an organization composed of ID healthcare practitioners (MD, PharmD, PhD, RN, others). Dues are $50 dollars for all members regardless of academic rank. No membership dues are required from students, fellows, or pharmacy residents. Dues are applied annually from May 1 through April 30. Your email receipt will count as proof of your tax-deductible gift to the ID Society of New York.


Your continued support allows IDSNY to host educational webinars throughout the year, including Intercity Rounds, helps sponsor the annual conference in the spring, as well as provides a speaker’s bureau and mentorship opportunities (forthcoming). Members will receive access to future webinars that will be recorded and posted on the website for members-only access. Members will also have voting rights on by-laws changes and candidates for leadership within IDSNY, via electronic voting.


Please click above to pay your annual dues.  If you are not sure if you’re an active member, click here


If you would like to pay the annual symposium fee AND pay your dues, you can do so from the conference registration page.

Please remember your login username and password, as you can use this to check if you have previously paid in the last year and if you are already registered for the conference. Log in on the Membership page (Membership/Your Membership Details) and see Membership Status/My Memberships for details.

Joining for the first time

IDSA Members: Automatically qualify to be IDSNY members. Membership is accepted with donation. 

Non IDSA Members: If you are not a member of IDSA or if you are a Fellow-in-Training, you need to be sponsored by two current IDSNY members. 

ways you can Participate:

Symposium Registration



Donations are tax deductible!





Please email the Treasurer at if you have any questions


Contributions are most welcome. Tax deductible contributions to the 501(c)(3)

Checks should be made payable to IDSNY and all checks will be acknowledged with a receipt letter for IRS purposes signed by the IDSNY President and Treasurer.


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